Road Test: Mitsubishi Cedia [2009-2013]

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The Cedia Sport has new things on the inside as well – the Momo steering wheel will catch your eye at first. This three-spoke design imitates the wheels used in racing. Pressing the horn button while holding the wheel can be difficult even for large hands.  Carbon fiber finishing on the centre console also adds in a big way to the sporty effect, as do the all-black leather seats with red piping and white stitching. The quality of the plastics is much higher than the segment standard – something that we like a lot. The air-conditioning in the Cedia is astonishingly powerful. We drove around in a car without aftermarket sun film in the month of October in Chennai, and yet the Cedia’s AC managed to chill us in a very short period, although a climate control system would have been nice. A touchscreen audio system that is similar to the new Endeavour’s unit is standard on the Cedia. It plays mp3 discs and has a port for a USB drive in the glovebox. It gets full marks for functionality: you can play music off discs or off a USB drive, answer calls over Bluetooth after pairing your phone with the unit, and find your way around a large city like Chennai with the help of the inbuilt satellite navigation system. It plays loud, but the quality of the sound leaves something to be desired.

The driver sits a little low in the Cedia, but the feeling of space is something that one will rarely experience in a modern sedan. The three-box silhouette may not leave any hearts thudding, but coupled with relatively slim pillars, increases visibility and the feeling of space tremendously.  The steering wheel tilts but doesn’t telescope, but a good driving position is easy to arrive at. Worth mentioning are the Cedia’s electrically adjustable mirrors – they offer a view of the rear that makes the driver know within seconds of getting in how close and where the objects in the mirrors are. The front passenger has a lot of space to stretch his legs, but if two six-foot tall people sit behind each other, the rear occupant will have to compromise a little on knee room. Under-thigh support is not enough for tall people, especially at the rear. Head room is more than sufficient for tall people, again, owing to the slightly dated but functional silhouette. The seats and roof are a little low, so getting in and out may not be easy for elderly people or those with knee or back problems.

Boot space is par for the segment at 430 litres, and useable. If you’re eyeing the now-discontinued Cedia Select LPG in the used market, be aware that the boot size is halved thanks to the LPG tank.

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