Road Test: Ford Endeavour [2009-2014]

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SUVs in India are a strange breed. You can have the true mudplugger, but don’t expect much by way of creature comforts. If it has good on-road manners, forget about off-road prowess. If it’s both you like, you can be reasonably certain that it will be priced well beyond your budget. Ford India has refreshed its Endeavour, their SUV, and added the option of an automatic gearbox on the 3-litre version. This automatic gearbox is Ford India’s first auto ‘box in ten years, and endeavours to offer the consumer a comfortable mile-muncher without compromising on the vehicle’s butch image or go-anywhere ability. Does it work?

Pros: Styling, pricing, features, auto gearbox
Cons: Ride and Handling, Steering
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