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Comparison Test: Honda CR-V vs Mitsubishi Outlander vs Skoda Yeti



Honda CR-V vs Mitsubishi Outlander vs Skoda Yeti

The soft-roaders. The Skoda Yeti is the newest fi ve-seater compact SUV to enter India. So will it earn the right of way over the CR-V and the Outlander? We find out.

If you are looking for a 5-seater compact SUV, you now have another choice. Skoda has launched the Yeti in India and that means, the Honda CR-V and the Mitsubishi Outlander now have European competition to deal with. And one with a diesel engine at that. So we took the three for a spin on the road and bit off-road as well to find out which one is the better bet.

Exterior & Interior

Honda CR-V Interior

CR-V dash is the brightest. The gearstick is uniquely positioned on the console and falls to hand easily. Clocks are not as adventurous though.

Honda CR-V Exterior

Both the Yeti and C-RV sport stiffer suspension settings but the Yeti's set up is better.

All the three contenders here have odd ball designs. While the Outlander is the most imposing, thanks to its fi ghter jet grille, the Yeti is more like a gum ball, mostly round with bug eyed foglamps up front. In profile too the Yeti looks stout and this look is carried on to the rear, courtesy its stout tail gate. In all the Yeti looks chunky and rather cute for an SUV. The Outlander, on the other hand, has immense road presence. Its high tail lamps look odd though. The CR-V meanwhile is edgier than the other two. In profi le the large glass panel is curved and looks inspired from a coupe.

Inside, the Yeti gets a subtle black and beige treatment topped up with a hint of wood. The large steering wheel is nice to grip and gets scroll buttons for audio functions. A little more flair in the instrument panel however would have made things better. The centre console gets a reversing sensor display, which is a boon. The seats are comfortable and supportive, but all adjustments are manual as opposed to electrical adjustments offered by the competition. Space at the back too is adequate and not generous, especially compared to its rivals here.

Mitsubishi Outlander Interior

Two-tone dash looks smart, as does the wheel. The Outlander also gets a Rockford Fosgate sub as standard kit.

Mitsubishi Outlander Exterior

Both the Outlander and the Yeti feature unique designs. While the Outlander gets the 'Fighter' grille, the Yeti gets those bug eyed lamps.

The CR-V meanwhile is a much brighter place to be in. Its steering mounted controls are the easiest to use and the seats too are plush and brilliant. At the back the CR-V is the most spacious, be it kneeroom or shoulder room.

However it is the Outlander that gives you the feeling of being the largest, courtesy the flat surfaces of the bonnet. The instrument panel too is the best of this lot and the seats are large and comfortable. The Outlander also gets heated seats. The gear lever for the auto transmission is small but paddle shifters are positioned well and fall easily to fingers. At the back, it is certainly more spacious than the Skoda but loses to the Honda.

Skoda Yeti Interior

Steering mounted controls on the Yeti are a joy to use. Quality of toggles also feel good. A comprehensive trip computer is present too.

Skoda Yeti Exterior

In the size wars, the Yeti is the tiniest of them all. However with minimal overhangs, the Yeti does score some brownie points.

The Outlander offers a heavier steering and negotiating it through the same traffic is tougher. The Mitsubishi is also softly sprung and while at slow speeds, the suspension soaks up most of the bumps with ease, there is more body roll when going around bends at speeds.This would make it less fun on twisty bits of road.

The CR-V too offers a heavy steering, but one which gets light as the speeds increase. Thanks to its large dimensions, a three point turn feels like a chore. The suspension is stiff and this gives the CR-V amazing handling characteristics. Something in the league of sedans.

However the suspension has a tendency to be crashy while going through potholes. This makes things uncomfortable when travelling over badly surfaced roads. All round visibility however is superb, which comes as a boon, especially when reversing or parking since this is the only one in this lot that does not get parking sensors.

Engine & Gearbox

Honda CR-V Engine

Honda CR-V -1.8-litre petrol unit is smooth and easy revving in nature but is least powerful

The CR-V on the other hand has the smoothest motor amongst this trio. Actually one will be hard pressed to hear it at idling unless the tacho is checked. The CR-V too gets a 6-speed manual, like the Yeti, and this too feels crisp but slightly notchy.

Mitsubishi Outlander Engine

Mitsubishi Outlander -2-litre petrol engine has enough grunt for the car to keep cruising

The 2.4 petrol in the Outlander offers ample power and can effortlessly cruise at high speeds all day. But the CVT on the Outlander feels a bit lethargic. So when you step on the throttle hard, the transmission takes some time before the huge hulk moves. A manual would have been better.

Skoda Yeti Engine

Skoda Yeti -1.8 TSI motor (above) offers superb performance and acceleration. (Right) Getting in is the easiest in the Laura

The Yeti's 2-litre common rail diesel engine starts up with a typical diesel clatter but settles down quickly. While cruising at low revs however the motor is barely audible, thanks to Skoda's superb NVH package. The overall light weight and large motor endows the Yeti with good performance capabilities and the SUV lurches forward at the slightest urging. The engine is complemented by the 6-speed manual transmission it is mated to, which feels positive, albeit notchy. Through the gears, the Yeti feels the most agile and there’s enough torque to pull you to three-digit speeds without need for a downshift.


Honda CR-V (mm)

Honda CR-V Overall Dimension

Not only does it get the largest boot, CR-V also has flexi seat folding options.

Honda CR-V Boot Dimension

CR-V seats are the largest and the most comfortable. Interior room is great too.

Mitsubishi Outlander (mm)

Mitsubishi Outlander Overall Dimension

A split tailgate causes a hindrance in loading but boot space is the largest.

Mitsubishi Outlander Boot Dimension

Outlander is the most spacious of the three and ingress is as good as the Yeti.

Skoda Yeti (mm)

Skoda Yeti Overall Dimension

Yeti has smallest boot but flexi seat folding options make it versatile.

Skoda Yeti Boot Dimension

The Yeti has the most compact dimensions, which also limits in-cabin space.

Scorecard & Verdict

Skoda Yeti

Rank 1Skoda Yeti- It's a cheeky little SUV, the Yeti. It looks odd and offers the economy of diesel power.

Honda CR-V

TwoHonda CR-V- The best handler, it can even give some sedans a run for their money. Supremely comfy seats. as well.

Mitsubishi Outlander

ThreeMitsubishi Outlander - It has looks to die for and equipment to pamper you. Space too is ample and quality levels are high.


Body: While all three SUVs here score equally for space at the front, the Yeti loses out when things move towards the rear. However the Yeti does score a bit more when it comes to the quality of the interiors. The Outlander though creams the rest here, thanks to its cavernous boot and flexible interiors.

Drive: The Yeti here takes the other two for a spin, thanks to its efficiency. Add to that a 60-litre fuel tank and it has the best range too. The Yeti's gearbox too is better, albeit slightly notchy. However we must admit that the CR-V is as good. The CVT on the Outlander however feels like a step down.

Comfort: All three here have varied suspension settings, which is good in one way or the other, However the CR-V was the best here. Being a diesel, the Yeti loses out on the driving noise bit with a prominent clatter present at all times. As for equipment, the Outlander is the king.

Dynamics: The Yeti's steering feels the best here and inspires confidence. Being quite a bit compact when compared to either the CR-V or the Outlander, it is much more manoeuvrable as well. The Yeti also turns around in the shortest space, which is handy in the city we must say.

Cost: Skoda in India is an aspirational brand, as is Honda. Moreover Skodas hold their value well over the years and we expect the Yeti will not be an exception. The Outlander mean while loses out for both a low warranty and a high pricetag.


The Yeti wins this shootout by a handsome margin. This is primarily because of what lurks under the hood. The 2-litre diesel motor makes it economical to run and is a decent performer as well. However if it is space you are looking for, the tiny dimensions of the Yeti limits things. On this front it is the CR-V that rules the in-cabin space roost. On the upside again, this same trait allows better mano euvrability in traffic; it is easy to park too. When considered that it is a soft roader and not many will venture out much off the road, the Yeti remains the clear winner.


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