Exterior & Interior: Honda Civic Vs Renault Fluence Vs Skoda Laura

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Honda Civic Interior

The two-tier dash on the Civic is the fanciest of the lot. A small steering with mounted controls adds to the fun factor. It also gets paddleshifters

Honda Civic Exterior

We begin with the Renault. In the 17th Century, French cuisine moved away from spices and on towards a lot of herbs and definitely topped up with some cream. Now if we look at the Fluence, it sure is striking but definitely not spicy. It is like the herbs! A large set of headlamps, a prominent logo on the bonnet and the fl owing nature of the shoulder line beginning from the headlamps and wrapping around the rear integrated spoiler only to return to the headlamp. The rear three quarter is where the Fluence looks the best from. Inside the Fluence is all about creamy bits as it has lots of equipment to keep your taste buds happy. The two-tone dash looks good but feels a bit plasticky. The instrument panel boasts of an analogue tacho with everything else going digital. You get a large steering wheel with controls for cruise control while audio and Bluetooth controls sit on a stalk behind the steering wheel. The seats are comfortable, but provide a lot more lower back padding than required. The glovebox too is weird with slots for stowage rather than one large bin. It also offers climate control with vents at the rear. Now the Fluence has it all, but to get in sync with the audio, Bluetooth controls takes some time. Feel of space at the back too is good, but the swooping roofl ine does make it a tad low on headroom.

Renault Fluence Interior

Fluence gets a very uncluttered dash with most buttons stacked up together and an information display in the middle. However it does take a while before one gets used to it

Renault Fluence Exterior

Compared to French cuisine though Japanese food is about subtle tastes garnished with stinging wasabi sauce. The Civic is just that! It is by far the best looking of the lot. The curves, the angles and the shapes are super futuristic. Swooping lines, a sporty low slung look says it all. When you step inside, it is evident that a lot of emphasis was given to dress up the meal too. The two-tier dash with a digital speedo on top and the tacho in the lower deck lit in blue looks great. The small steering packs controls for the cruise control although having controls for the audio would have been better. The Civic also offers a sunroof, which the others don’t. Space is found in plenty but thanks to the low slung stance getting in and out could be an issue.

Skoda Laura Interior

The Laura now gets a bit more shine inside, thanks to the silver trim. However it is still very basic, offering the least amount of kit among the three

Skoda Laura Exterior

The Czechs meanwhile believe in meaty bits. For them how the food looks is not so important. Hence not surprisingly the Laura looks the most sedate here. A long bonnet and a notchback design means that the Laura does the job well but it is not that beautiful. Inside, you get a black overtone and clear to the eye instrument panel. The seats are comfy and space is plenty. However the Laura does not offer a lot of equipment. Not even steering mounted controls. Indeed the cabin is functional, just like the food they have.

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