Scorecard & Verdict: Honda City vs Volkswagen Vento

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Honda City

Rank 1Honda City- The City is equally good on space and is decently equipped too. It's also quicker and more effi cient. Add to it good resale, and it remains an enticing buy.

Volkswagen Vento

TwoVolkswagen Vento- Better dynamics along with more comfortable ride and decent space for both passengers and space alike, the Vento HL is our pick here.


Body: Both cars are equally matched on space. While the Vento has more of it in the front, the City has more at the back. The Honda though has a bigger boot. Both cars are high on quality too, but the VW feels a lot plusher. Though the City was upgraded last year with better plastics in the cabin it still can't match the Vento. Both have similar safety equipment though.

Drive: Under this head it is the Honda that outdoes the VW. Not only does the City offer better acceleration in a straight drag, it also offers better driveability. Over and above that it offers better fuel effi ciency than the Vento, while displaying better engine characteristics as well. The only count under this head where the Vento comes out on top is its better gearbox.

Comfort: The City is softly sprung while the Vento rides a little fi rmer. Slow speed ride is better on the Honda but overall the VW does a better job of cushioning passengers. The City's suspension is noisier too. The Vento is also the better equipped with climate control and a rear AC vent. Operability of switches is also better on the VW.

Dynamics: The Vento outperforms the City on all counts, thereby winning the dynamics head by a wide margin. The Vento's steering offers better feedback, it brakes quicker and is more manoeuvrable. While the City's lighter steering is good in urban confi nes, on the highway the VW feels better. The latter also feels more planted.

Cost: Both cars cost almost the same and you will get a better resale for the Honda. The four-year warranty on the Japanese car too is better than what Volkswagen is offering on its Vento. Naturally the Honda wins the cost war. But overall, the Vento still makes a better case for itself.


The City has been beaten by the Vento even though the Honda still remains the car to buy if the balance in performance and fuel effi ciency, not to mention better warranty and resale, still dictate your buying decision. But, for every other reason like dynamics, which includes steering response, braking and directional stability as well as comfort, be it better ride or more comfort equipment, the Vento makes a better case for itself. And honestly, it isn’t far behind in performance and effi ciency or resale and warranty either for that matter.

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