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Sachin Thakkar

Sachin Thakkar
Pune, Maharashtra
Cars owned
2009 Fiat Punto [2009-2011] Emotion 1.3

Reviews Written

» Fiats Moto ... Sell it & FORGET it
on Fiat-Punto [2011-2014]
» Swift VDi or RITZ VDi ?
on Maruti Suzuki-Swift [2010-2011]

Photo Albums

Posts in Forums

  • FIAT's Moto ....... SELL IT & FORGET IT
  • You can find here the way I want to protest and show Fiat what agony they have made me to go through...
  • What Can Fiat Do to Increase Nos?
  • First and fore most FIAT should learn to accept MISTAKEs, I have a Fiat Punto and facing a problem a...
  • CW Forum Members' Birthdays
  • Thanks a Lot friend for all your wishes .......
  • Fiats Moto ... Sell it & FORGET it - Fiat Grande Punto User Review
  • I dont say its a Bad Car ... What I am saying and disheartened about is the Customer Relation of FIA...
  • Bought the car on 11 Nov 2009. Had to pay more price as FIAT has increased the prices on 6 Nov 2009. - Fiat Grande Punto User Review
  • Boss you just paid some 11k more ..... I tyoh paid 6 + lacs for that worst car .... PUNTO .... I wou...

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