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Bangalore, Tamil Nadu
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2002 Hyundai Santro LP zipPlus
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2011 Hyundai i20 Magna 1.4 CRDI
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  • Cost for two Michelin tyres
  • Update :got two B290s for the rear. The front already have 2 B250s about 20k kms but still look quit...
  • Mileage drastically down
  • check the alignmt and update. Check the free movement of the tyres while there. All the best
  • i20 80000km update. New problems creeping up...
  • i20 crdi 2011: my cd player had problems from initial period. Sometimes it will show mech error and ...
  • SX4 hill climbing issue : please help!
  • Start your car with hand brake engaged. Shift to 2nd gear and release the clutch, the car should sta...
  • santro mileage issue
  • sure the showroom will try to improve the mileage. They will ask you to change almost the entire car...

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