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» 13 months and 25k kms - i20 crdi magna
on Hyundai-i20 [2012-2014]

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2002 Hyundai Santro LP zipPlus
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2011 Hyundai i20 Magna 1.4 CRDI
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  • problem with pick up
  • on a level road or slight incline, with engiine on, engage the first gear and release the clutch ped...
  • Esteem 1998 Model
  • esteems are known to get rust. so check this out. You should not end up with high level 'restoration...
  • i20 CRDI Clutch Problem
  • if its a MAP sensor issue, wont there be so jerking etc when driving? Lose of power, pick up etc? I ...
  • Blue Smoke out of my Ritz VDI
  • turbo may not be the issue if you have no issues with pickup, accleration near and above 2000 rpm. b...
  • Which Car Ritz or Suzuki or New
  • for 5 people comfortable for long drives the best option is the i20. the grand i10 is narrower than ...

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