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  • On petrol car chokes, works well on CNG
  • fuel pump or fuel filter is the culprit
  • Ford Ikon Jerking/missing after long or traffic drive
  • One more thing please keep your fuel tank atleast 25% filled with petrol to increase the life of you...
  • Querry about hard steering
  • Dear, Zen from 1994 till 2000 was carburetor version and carburetor version never had any power stee...
  • 98 model Zen starting problem in the morning
  • Centaur hope you know the meaning of tuning, if only basic setting of mixture is set at lean then st...
  • Getting CNG Sequential kit at only Rs 26k in Gurgaon
  • also sequential kit cant come at that price hope kits are also second hand (or from junk market)

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