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First Drive: BMW 6 Series

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The highlight of the 650i, though, is its engine. It gets a 4.4-litre, twin turbo V8 with over 400bhp from the 7-series. And like on the 7, it’s an absolute explosion when on song. It goes like a shot forcing you to hold on to the steering for dear life. And on our roads, unless you are on a runway, you'd also run out of steam, guts, breath, whatever, before you even get close to what the 650i can manage. 

That’s not all, it sounds fantastic too. It has that gentle burble typical of a V8 at low revs along with small explosions going off at every upshift. And when you give it the stick, it revs like a light on its feet, turbocharged Japanese teenager of an engine. It’s certainly worth dying for. 

Sadly, the rest of the dynamic package fails to excite. The steering feel, no matter whether you use Normal or Sport settings, is cold. The car doesn't handle as well either. The body movement is more than we would have liked and the car is so prone to spinning up its rear, the ESP seems to be on all the time, be it around a fast section of twisties or even just a roundabout.


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