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What is Immobilizer?

What is immobilizer? I found the word in Maruti site.

How it effect on car performance?

What is the difference in model

Alto Lx 5 Seater With Immobilizer &

Alto Lx 5 Seater

i.e. without immobilizer

Asked by Amitava Akuli (Hooghly) 2676 day(s) ago


Immobilizer is a security device which is fitted in car so that when you switch on that device thieves will not be able to drive your car away.

As for your question Maruti has two models of alto one with immobilizer and other one without that is again company fitted which the company is providing to their buyers and charge for that extra fitting.

Answered by Kumar Vikesh (Bangalore) 2676 day(s) ago

Immobilizer is a security device and is actually the engine immobilizer.

It works in the following manner: It is called iCat system(Intelligent computer Anti-theft system). Under this system, a transponder is in-built in the car key which has a unique identification secret code that matches with the car's engine via a computer in the Engine. This makes the car start only with that key and no other key can be used. Maruti has introduced this for all its cars recently as an option. Its a good security feature.

Answered by anurag 2676 day(s) ago
Car immobilizers are relatively new types of car theft deterrents. The basic idea is the device immobilizes the car's engine, transmission, fuel supply, or some other critical moving part. This keeps a feature from being able to move or start the car.
Answered by G Karuppasamy (Chennai) 2605 day(s) ago
Hi everybody.......
  An immobiliser or is an electronic device or equipment fitted to an automobile which prevents the engine from running unless the correct key is present. This prevents the car from being started without keys.
Answered by Ashaaswath 2605 day(s) ago
Immobilizer is the latest security device introduced by the Indian Automobile Industry for cars.
This device is situated at the ignition point where you insert the key.The Key ( called Transponder Key ) has a chip inside its head containing a fixed code.
When the key is inserted the devices decodes the code and starts the engine.
In case if you insert a key (normal key without a code) will only open the doors of the car but will not start the engine.
Thus a very good security for cars.
Always keep a spare transponder key. Company usually takes one month for giving the keys.
You can get a genuine transponder key from Ashar Key Hub in Mumbai as they are the only one to have the system installed.It takes 10 minutes to get it from there.

Answered by Pulin Ashar 2130 day(s) ago
An immobiliser or immobilizer is an electronic security device fitted to an automobile that prevents the engine from running unless the correct key (or other token) is present. This prevents the car from being "hot wired" after entry has been achieved There are a number of types of immobilizers for automotive use. Many new cars come with them installed from the factory, and in those cases the actual electronic control unit for the engine comes from the factory with an immobilizing circuit that will prevent the fuel pump and usually the ignition circuit as well from operating unless a transponder device is within the range of the sensor. These are the best type of immobilizer in terms of safety, because they are not a separate electrical circuit which can be easily tampered with like aftermarket systems. Immobilizers have a radio frequency transmitter that goes on your keychain. The sensor that is in the dashboard or somewhere near the ignition detects the unique frequency of the transmitter in order to allow the car to run. Aftermarket immobilizers come in all different styles. Generally speaking, it depends entirely on the specific cars specifications in terms of fuel delivery system and ignition system to determine how to immobilize the car. For example, a car with an electronically powered fuel pump (which is likely fuel injected) can be easily immobilized if the power relay to the fuel pumps operation is intervened from the immobilizer system. A fuel injected car with an immobilizer circuit would typically disable the fuel pump, fuel injection control, as well as the ignition circuit. A car that is carbureted on the other hand, likely uses a mechanical fuel pump from stock, and therefore you cannot prevent fuel flow directly without the use of solenoids in between fuel lines to stop flow physically. A carbureted car with a mechanical fuel pump would likely only have the ignition circuit disabled in the event of immobilization. A very simple im
Answered by Ramesh Kumar 591 day(s) ago