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Is their any pollution certificate required for New Alto BSIII (EURO III) car?

I have purchased a new alto car a couple of month back. After first servicing from the dealer service station, it was OK. Everything has been ckeched and pullution has been checked. But they had not issed any pollution certificate. Is it required any pollution certificate for my car (ALTO BSIII)? If so, then I have to re-test my car for pollution checking? Will it be a problem, If I drive my car without any pollution certificate in Kolkata? (For BSIII).

Kindly advise.

Asked by Amitava Akuli (Hooghly) 2689 day(s) ago
As per Central Motor Rules, 1989, every motor vehicle (including those conforming to Euro-I/ Euro-II/ Euro-III as well as vehicles plying on CNG/LPG) is required to carry a valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate after the expiry of period of one year from the date of its first registration. Since you purchased you car recently, it is not required. But after 1 year from the date of registration if you don't have PUC certificate, you will be fined Rs.1000 for the first offence and Rs.2000 everytime after that.
Answered by anurag 2689 day(s) ago
By default,d new cars RC,is also a certificate of No-pollution. So u need a certificate only after a year. So no need to get any pollution check done b4 that. cheers.
Answered by Karan (Noida) 2602 day(s) ago
As per Central Motor Vehicles Rules 2001, Rule 115. Sub Rule 7: After the expiry of a period of one year from the date on which the motor vehicle was first registered, every such vehicle shall carry a valid 'Pollution Under Control' certificate issued by an agency authorised for this purpose by the State Government. The validity of the certificate shall be for six months or any lesser period as may be specified by the State Government from time to time and the ceritificate shall always be carried in the vehicle and produced on demand by the officers referred to in sub-rule (1) of rule 116. Sub Rule 8: The certificate issued under sub-rule (7) shall, while it remains effective be valid thoroughout India. P.S.: Hope this clarifies all your issues on this subject.
Answered by Manish Sudrania 1142 day(s) ago