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Tubeless tyres Advantages & performance

I have installed Hankook make tube less tyres type h 706 in my new santro Xing . According to the dealer this tyres will increse the milage due to less friction & less weight . It will run with puncture up to 100 kms . Is it true ? Also let me know the reputation of Hankook tyres? What is the speed rating ? Waiting for reply.


Asked by Yogesh (Pune) 2753 day(s) ago

i used hankook tubeless tyres in my palio and there was no problem at all..

your dealer is fine that it increses mileage and can go morethan 100kms if you drive constantly and its doesnt get flat and as you stop the vechile for a long time than only its gets flat...

one of the biggest advantage is that if you dont have to time to change the tyre once its flat than you can refill the air and you can go without wasting time to change the tyre..

Answered by Robin Gupta (Ludhiana) 2753 day(s) ago
Dear Yogesh, the advantages of tubeless are many, but you won't really get a significant increase in mileage, but you do end up reducing the unsprung weight on the wheel which would help a bit handling and ride-wise. unless these are run-flat tyres, don't get fooled into thinking that you can run that long on a puncture, a puncture is a puncture whether tubeless or tube type.true you won't experience a sudden loss of air pressure as in a tube type (due to tube rupture) but it will still get flat all the same.all depends on what went in,in the first place. what you could do though is try the liquid tyre sealants, which is injected into the tyre from the filling valve. these really do help in sealing a puncture and letting you drive on quite a "h" indication on the tyre indicates the tyre is safe upto speeds of 210 kmph.
Answered by Ryan (Madgaon) 2753 day(s) ago

Well for your knowledge, the tubeless tyres is always slightly heavier if compared to the non-tubeless tyre of the same size as it is thicker & friction depends on the width of the tyre i.e. area of the tyre which is in contact with the surface, more the width more is the friction and if friction is more less will be the fuel efficiency. friction has no concern whether the tyre is tubeless or not unless it has a well maintained tyre pressure. So now you know that the first two 're the lies which the dealer told you. now next one, that the car would run around 100 kms after a punture. it totally depends on the location and size of punture, if the size is small, your car would run well over 500 kms and if it is on the side of the tyre and is bigger, it won't even do 10 km but here it surely does have an advantage over the ordinary tube-tyre combination as that will deflate instantly. other big advantage of the tubeless tyre is that it has more grip on the road because it has a better cusioning effect as compared to the ordinary tyre. it will do better than the ordinary on soft surfaces too. hankook is not a popular brand but it is reliable. 

Answered by anurag 2753 day(s) ago
Dear Sir,

Tubeless tyres are hopeless and not fit for indian road conditions i have used them but got them removed in a year as the car enters the pothole badly your tyre flatens. and also it is not advisable in old cars and the rims are alway's bent and easy for the air to escape.
Answered by Jay (Mumbai) 2748 day(s) ago