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use of CNG Kit in maruti esteem

#1 18-May, 2006 12:36 PM
kamal rawat
New Arrival
Joined Date: 18 May 2006
Location: New Delhi
Posts: 7
Likes: 0
Sir, can it is safe to fit a cng kit in maruti esteem car for the engine and performance of the car

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#2 18-May, 2006 01:32 PM
Anup Singh
Joined Date: 19 Jan 2006
Location: Navi Mumbai
Posts: 4268
Likes: 93
Dear Kamal, It is absolutely safe to get a CNG-kit fitted in Esteem provided that you fit it from some authorized dealership. Unauthorized kits are not recommended. The CNG-kit won't hamper engine's life but slight performance loss will be there. You can go through our previously asked questions under Exclusive module of Resources section for more details.

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#3 18-Jul, 2007 11:09 PM
Joined Date: 25 Jan 2007
Location: Noida
Posts: 6817
Likes: 326
Yes CNG is totally safe and eco frndly as well.... Remember...Get a CNG kit installed from an AUTHORIZED dealer only !!!...

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#4 11-Jul, 2008 09:26 PM
Rajesh P
New Arrival
Joined Date: 11 Jul 2008
Location: Mumbai
Posts: 1
Likes: 0

Can I fit CNG kit to a Wagon R as well? What is th eprice? Are there long term problems associated if I use a CNG kit on a petrol engine?

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#5 05-Aug, 2008 05:23 PM
Pankaj Prasad
Joined Date: 29 Sep 2007
Location: Vadodara
Posts: 13623
Likes: 191
In my opinion, CNG kits are normally preferred by bigger / more powerful cars, as CNG reduces power/pick-up by approx. 20-25%.  For small cars, LPG is more preferred, as it reduces the power/pick-up by 10-15% only.

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